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Aspen Jade Photography offers a fresh perspective in photography. Every photograph tells a story.....capturing the magic of everyday living. Each photo session is unique, and every detail, from clothing to locations, is designed to reflect your style and your personality.

Aspen Jade Photography provides photography services to the residents of Cortez, CO, Montezuma County and the surrounding area.

Get the Most From Your Newborn Photo Session

If you are trying to create amazing and high-quality portraits of your newborn baby, this article may offer some guidance, answering commonly asked questions: When should I schedule my newborn's shoot? What should he or she wear? What does a professional photographer offer that I can't do myself? Continue Reading>>

Tips For Better Senior Portraits

So you've survived twelve years of school and every year you've taken the same school photo, sometimes after P.E., in front of the same monochromatic backdrop, with the same "photographers" jabbing you in the back, wrenching your shoulders, and demanding that you smile on three. You've had enough, and you swear to yourself that this year is special. This year is going to rock, and you are going to have the pictures to prove it! But how in the heck do you do that? Continue Reading>>